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Austin, TX USA

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Do you still have family living in the Johnston district area from I-35 to the Johnston campus?


Do you have any friends or family that attend Eastside Memorial High Schools at the Johnston Campus?


Do you still see/talk to/hang out with any old classmates? If so, who?

Yes A

Were you in any performing arts class(es) or extra curricular activity(ies) while enrolled at the Johnston campus? If so, which, and what instrument(s), position(s), part(S) did you play?

Yes A

Were you in any sports team(s) while enrolled at the Johnston campus? If so, which, and what position(s) did you play?

Yes Football

Were you in any club(s) while attending the Johnston campus? If yes, enter club name(s) below.

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Have you ever been in a tv show or in a movie or sang/played an instrument in a rock/soul band? If so, which?

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Which songs were your favorite songs from your high school years? Name song (and if you remember, the artist and year).


What are your favorite memories about attending high school at the Johnston campus?

Loved the school